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Change The World Through Art

Kristen Carletto is a mixed media artist located in Phoenix, Arizona, specializing in pyrography & watercolor. She scorches up unique, handmade wood burnings that feature live bark edges and free hand designs to ensure every piece is one of a kind. Her art explores the emotions, struggles, and growth people experience from trauma, as well as, our deepest desires to connect with the world around us. Her hope is to inspire others to take a moment to reflect on how we are all sewn together through this beautiful world full of infinite life forms

Healing Through Art

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Kristen's professional art journey began after sexual assault in 2018. After struggling for months, barely making it through the long office hours, she turned to art and never looked back. She pours her soul into every piece in hopes of inspiring and comforting other survivors. Life altering events often leave us feeling more alone than ever. She struggles with PTSD and trying to connect with people and the world around her again. Art helps her through the toughest moments, and she hopes it can bring that same power to the viewer. Art is a way to connect, bond, and grow with others. 

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Artist's Statement

Art is powerful, Art is beautiful. Art is human.

I have only recently begun my journey as an artist and am sure my style will continue to grow and evolve over the coming years. I have a burning passion for art and am committed to creating pieces that are immersive and invoke strong feelings. I want to bring an energy to my work that I can pass on for you to experience. Our human connection with nature and animals is something that has always consumed and inspired me. Because of this, my art goes beyond the canvas and brings nature straight to you. The piece of wood is just as important as the drawing burned into it, and it often inspires the burning itself.  My work is centered around human emotion and our deepest desires to connect with the world around us and I hope to inspire others to take a moment and reflect on how we are all sewn together through this beautiful world full infinite forms of life.


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