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Stripped Identity & Rebuilt

Part Series
Stripped Identity piece number 1.jpg

The Stripped Identity and Rebuilt series depicts the reality of rape. I want to bring attention and awareness to the life long effects sexual assault has on a person. 

  • PTSD

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Loss of self

  • Emptiness

  • Powerlessness

  • Pain 

  • Isolation

  • And many, many more

My hope is for the viewer to feel the pain in her eyes, see the lack of sleep taking over, the tentacles intruding into her without permission, her bloodshot eyes from crying, her mouth unable to ask for help. She feels helpless and alone wandering around a new world filled with fears and horror. 

After viewing all three Stripped Identity pieces, I want the viewer to take in the beauty of Rebuilt. Rebuilt is a piece that showcases a woman who is broken into the 3 pieces of Stripped Identity. However, you can see her being put back together by the octopus tentacles. She is accepting her trauma and is healing. She is growing to love herself and blooming into a stronger woman. 

The rest of this series will be available for viewing shorty, so please check back!


If you are in need of help, please find your local rape crisis center! They will be able to provide you with free therapy, free legal advocates, and many more valuable resources. 

If you just need to talk or would like to share your story with me, please reach out to me at

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